Bomb Search Courses

Prosec school helps the students on multiple techniques

- Dog handling  (dog sniffing for drugs and explosives)

- Use of explosive detectors (short and long range detection)

- Special courses on Bomb search techniques

Brief Synopsis of search Team Course:

* Identifying the Threat
* Background to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)
* Understanding IEDs - students make their own
* Body and Bag Search
* Vehicle Search (all Types including HGV)
* Search Equipment
* Search Documentation
* Building Search including unoccupied buildings e.g. outhouses/sheds etc.
* Route Search
* Area Search   

Bombs Search techniques is at 3 levels:  (Accredited by SDS - UK)

1. Search Team: Team Leader, 2 IC (scribe, equipment manager), 2 (or 3 ) pairs of searchers

2. Search Advisor: Normally an Officer/Warrant Officer/ Sgt Supervises searches by a number of teams, Plansd searches, Liaises with other agencies.

3. Search Coordinator: Normally a major or Police Superintendent plans and Coordinates major operations.

Certificates are accredited by SDS- UK